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Check out my art. :) I do some fan art too. Like some Joker or Invader Zim characters. Yes, even the Warden of Superjail.

But that's not all I do. Take a look at some of my more original art. :D


Some art I think is cool :nod: I fav a lot though. I might need to get them organized someday. ^^;



:iconlobablu3: :iconsnigom: :iconkokonohea: :icongirxdolly: :iconlalunatique: :iconvondiezyl: :iconzero2525: :iconunknown-d-flamerose: :iconsoy-lips: :icondreamer-artistain: :iconzeydarchist: :iconsirenofthestars: :iconmaivory: :icongrendylgirl: :iconprepare-your-bladder: :iconwakayama: :iconsauronmrc: :iconyoruichi17:


Bianca C
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm mostly quiet. I don't really socialize in any way, but I'm friendly.


Archer Style Self Portrait by RubyPheonix
Archer Style Self Portrait
I've always wanted to try to make a drawing in the style of the show Archer. It's kinda simple anyway, there was a tutorial made for this years ago.
Virgen de Guadalupe by RubyPheonix
Virgen de Guadalupe
A drawing done for my grandma :)

I've been working on this one drawing for months...I don't really feel too good about taking so long for drawings now. But I'm still figuring out how to manage my time.

I used this pattern from :iconsiobhan68: for the dress.
Mantis Empress by RubyPheonix
Mantis Empress
Used the symmetry feature on sketchbook. I miss just drawing without the need to know what I'm drawing or plan anything out.
I'll Be Watching You! by RubyPheonix
I'll Be Watching You!
Late night drawing. Started this at around 12:30 am? I don't's about 2 something am now....

Anyway, this is my interpretation of Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. I've seen other people draw him with an eye-patch and I don't know...I feel like cyclops's can be dapper. What's wrong with actually having only 1 eye?

I guess I ended up giving him more of a serious mean look >.>'  
I saw this at the front page and saw more of that artist's stuff on Gravity Falls and I just felt inspired to just go and draw Bill.
For fun I felt like messing with proportion when I was drawing his body so it's not all that great (the head was already drawn so I ended up working around that somehow)....I really tried to keep him triangle shaped >.> I gave him fangs because he's a demon so...yeah.

I might try to draw him again. Maybe with a more silly crazy feel instead of serious and aggressive...

------Edit 3/10/15------------

Now in color! I got this done sooner than I expected. I'm not sure what else to do now :confused:

I don't know if you can see the shading I did on the black areas, I didn't even use pure black, but for some reason on a Mac screen or even on my phone I couldn't see the shading I did. It might depend on what kind of screen you're viewing this image in, my laptop shows it alright. Even on a kindle, but I'm not sure why there's that much of a difference on these screens.
    For the past year and a half, my confidence in my own artwork had been crippled. I didn't think much of it because it was some petty jealousy over my friend's artwork. I didn't realize how much it really effected me until recently. I haven't been drawing as often as I used to and I thought it was just art block. I thought it was just college eating up my time.
But no, it was more than that. I've been beating myself up personally about not being as good as her and I thought I could keep it separate from where it came from, a simple drawing application.

    It was a drawing app called Draw Something 2 (now known as Art With Friends) and in the app you can draw using simple basic tools. When you've finish a drawing, it's posted on your gallery for people to like and comment. It's like a pocket DeviantArt, but where you can watch a replay of the making of the drawing. At first I was angry at myself for not being able to draw on the app when I know I can draw. To me the app felt like it was insulting me. My friend seemed to know how to draw there effortlessly and the best of what I can do looks amateur compared to hers. It felt worse knowing my friend got thousands of followers fast from her drawings when I struggled to make any amount of followers. So through the app I felt like I wasn't really an artist. I thought I was able to keep the things with the app separate from my artwork here, yet it was hard to really avoid the envy I developed from the app. 

    Up until then I never felt so terrible over my own artistic skills. I knew art is practice. I know that as long as I'm expressing myself, I am an artist. Hell, around the beginning of this whole mess I was still able to make a video for my class on art and what it means to me. I recorded myself drawing and stating that I'm proud to be an artist. But that app kept looming over my head...
Even when I stopped spending time on it, just looking back really bothered me.

    Within this past month, it was announced that the app is going to shut down. Instead of feeling relief, I felt bad. I felt I wasn't going to be able to accomplish what I wanted by the time the app dies off. So after a talk with the very friend I've been so envious of, she mentioned that I needed to face my root problem.

    Long story short, I was bullied in elementary school and when one of my old friends recently got back in contact with me. She mentioned if I could, would I go for some closure from my past bullies? That question brought back a flood of memories I thought I had left behind many years ago. It was then that I started to bring up my past to the friend I envied and she said that I should face the worst one. 

So I did. With the help of those two friends, I was able to message the worst of my childhood bullies. Remarkably, the guy apologized.

    Then I realized...I was beating myself up for too long and I didn't deserve it??! I was envious of my friends before, but it didn't really hurt at its worst until it started fucking with my artwork. This whole time I didn't know how much my childhood bullies really effected me. When people didn't pick on me after I moved I was happy about it.....but then I noticed some of my friends were treated better and then I felt I wasn't 'good enough,' so I became my own bully and had beaten myself up over not being 'good enough.' It felt like not being picked on was some sort of betrayal like people were just being nice, but only really nice to better people.......youth logic is terrible. I've been dealing with this inner conflict since like...2007? The art envy didn't really come until late 2013...that was just fucking horrible. Art was my outlet and then it became my nightmare...

    But now with that apology from the worst bully I've faced in elementary school, I now know that I didn't deserve what I went though. With that, I was able to let go of my envy. 

    It's been a few of weeks since I got that apology (and weirdly made a friend out of that former bully...I don't know how, but it happened) 
I feel...alright now. Honestly I'm still insecure in my own artistic skill, but I don't feel like beating myself up for not being 'good enough' anymore. 

    I'm still a bit preoccupied with college, but I'm more determined this year to make more and better art that for a while I could have only wished I could make! I'm reconnecting with my passion once more. I'm not letting insecurity bring me down! Art is passion and I'm never going to let it go for some stupid bullshit ever again.


Digital Drawing
She's been waiting for you by RubyPheonix
Kubla Khan by RubyPheonix
Point Commish - Rondo by RubyPheonix
Point Commish - Razz by RubyPheonix
Drawing of a character with a detailed drawn background. (Some of the drawings exampled here are a little outdated since I haven't done this for a while, but know that I've improved over the years so quality is not an issue here)
Digital Character - Color Background
Lantern Redux by RubyPheonix
Seven Chakras by RubyPheonix
flamesssss by RubyPheonix
Kinetica Character... by RubyPheonix
Drawing of a character with a shaded color background. (I like to use Gimp brushes to add to the background or characters)
Digital Character - Stock Background
Not A Mermaid by RubyPheonix
Snow Grave by RubyPheonix
Demon Girl -NeedBetterTitle- by RubyPheonix
Tempestas by RubyPheonix
A drawing of a character with a background made out of stock images.
Digital Character - Full body
Prepare-Your-Bladder's Commission by RubyPheonix
Art Trade - Axe Raider by RubyPheonix
Merpire by RubyPheonix
Gaia Art VI by RubyPheonix
Silcy Redux by RubyPheonix
A digital character drawn in full body, with transparent background.
Digital Character - Knee Up
White by RubyPheonix
Isaya by RubyPheonix
FortheLoveofKei by RubyPheonix
A digital character, drawn from the knee up with a transparent background. 
Digital Character - Waist Up
Jake by RubyPheonix
Free Art - Benjamin Linus by RubyPheonix
Free Art - Frowin by RubyPheonix
A digital character, from the waist up with a transparent background.
Traditional Drawing - Pens
All Against One by RubyPheonix
Rainbow Duality by RubyPheonix
The Variegated Forest by RubyPheonix
Characters or anything drawn in multi-colored ball point ink pens.
Traditional Character - Pen/Marker
Ada by RubyPheonix
Occult Crimson by RubyPheonix
A traditional character drawn in full body with ball point pens or markers.
Pencil Drawing
Headress by RubyPheonix
Art Exchange Sketch - Sidhe by RubyPheonix
Character drawn in pencil.

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